Further development

A number of development areas and limitations regarding Nordic Service Analysis has been identified, which may be of interest to users and stakeholders.

A selection of further development areas that the Nordic Service Analysis project has shown is listed below:

  • Data collection/updating will require large resources due to:
    • Different legal rules, formats and projections regarding population data in the different countries must be taken into account.
    • Collection of service points will probably require contact with a number of suppliers.
    • Unification of attributes to obtain comparable data between countries will be required.
    • Other legal aspects must be taken into account.
  • Linguistic adaptations will be required.
  • The correct target groups must be found and requirements from these needs to be taken care of.
  • Support/administration/education is needed.

Some known limitations:

  • Only two service types are loaded into the database: groceries and fuels. Service points that have been coordinated outside the municipal layer are not included, especially in coastal areas.
  • The population of some municipalities in Norway could not be included due to changed municipal codes.
  • The entire map is in the geographical date Sweref 99 TM (EPSG 3006).