Service Analysis

Nordic Service Analysis is a further development of Serviceanalys and focuses on service in the nordic countries - currently Sweden, Norway and Finland. The goal is to promote cross-border analyzes and collaborations.

In the spring of 2020, a development project was carried out to study whether our application Serviceanalys could cover the entire Nordic region. The result was a proof of concept where norweigan and finnish data was loaded into the database.

The concept test will test technical bottlenecks and to some extent show how Serviceanalys could function in a nordic cross-border perspective. It is currently aimed at a small number of test users who will use it as a basis for decision-making for further development.

A user instruction manual for Serviceanalys is available for test users when signed in to - even though the manual is for the swedish version Serviceanalys it can also be used as an overall user guide to the nordic test version (note that the instruction manual is written in swedish).


If you have questions and thoughts, contact Erik Fransson